Our extensive financial fraud investigative experienceincludes direct involvement in evaluating, organizing, preparing and presenting FCA, qui tam or whistleblower cases as a financial analyst for the United States Attorney's Office. We provide an insider's element to case management not found at a traditional accounting firm. Certified in public accounting (CPA) and fraud examination (CFE), we maintain current in our training and provide all service with strict adherence to our professional standards and integrity.  

Government Agencies

Serving as a strategic partner with federal and state agencies, we provide financial and forensic examinations, subject matter expertise and investigative support when internal resources are limited.


Our ultimate commitment is simple yet deliberate; to zealously assist in the recovery and taxpayer dollars from those who defraud federal and state governmental entities and other fraud victims. Our philosophy is to provide excellent customer service throughout our guidance, analysis, calculations and work product. Compelled by integrity, we strive for a fair outcome based on the interrelationship of the documentation, facts, events and human elements relevant to the allegations or disputes.


Proudly Serving


We are a national boutique forensic consulting and investigative accounting firm that serves as strategic advisors to government and non-government clients for FCA and other lawsuits throughout their lifecycle; from case development through resolution. We bring a unique mixture of experience, education and perspective to FCA cases beyond that of a typical accounting firm to aid in reducing our client's associated time and expenses while increasing the likelihood of a favorable case outcome. 

Relator's Counsel

Utilizing a collaborative approach, we assist counsel in preparing, organizing and presenting qui tam cases in a complete, credible and comprehensible manner including damage and ability to pay calculations. 

Business Entities

Recognizing not all fraud allegations are warranted, we assist companies in evaluating FCA allegations against them and provide a thorough analysis of the relevant data, people and events associated with the alleged false claim.