In an ever changing and dynamic business landscape, complicated questions can arise. The key to determining the answers lies in the ability to distinguish between suspicion and facts, and uncovering the truth quickly is paramount. When issues arise, you need a forensic accounting firm that can resolve the puzzle efficiently and document evidence appropriately so you can move forward with the necessary information and mitigate any potential losses.  

Investigative CPA, LLC’s professionals have the skills and experience to resolve high stakes issues, find answers to the difficult questions, present the evidence and findings in an easily understandable format, and get your business or personal life back on track. We provide strategic financial fraud consulting to individuals and organizations, helping them resolve a wide variety of compliance and fraud issues. Our team also provides analytical and investigative forensic accounting services to law firms, corporate counsel, governmental entities and executive management.  From the beginning of each case and throughout its life cycle, we will guide you through it all and provide you with the insight you need to bring your dispute to a satisfactory resolution.  

Forensic Accounting

  • Damage calculation
  • Ability to pay analysis
  • Wage loss calculation
  • Key document identification
  • Corporate issues
  • Estate and probate analysis
  • ​Divorce proceedings


Forensic Accounting Services