Whistleblower laws are an important tool used to fight fraud perpetrated against the federal, and certain state and local governments, to recover taxpayer dollars. Regardless of which side you may find yourself on, plaintiff or defendant, you need to be prepared for a long and potentially agonizing journey. Sympathetic to the process, our firm was founded by a former financial analyst for the United States Attorney’s Office who experienced all sides of the struggle and is committed to making the process easier for all involved. 

As whistleblower consultants, we work with each individual client on their case to come up with an effective solution. With extensive knowledge and experience working with whistleblower investigations, we produce  credible cases that are well prepared, organized and easy to understand. We approach each investigation with professional standards and an unbiased case evaluation. Proudly serving whistleblower/relator counsels, government agencies, business entities and other organizations, our goal is to provide collaborative case analysis and skilled fraud investigation to ensure thorough case evaluation. 

1.    False Claims Act

  • Health Care Fraud
  • Defense Contractor Fraud
  • Royalties Fraud (oil, gas, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
  • Anti-kickback and Stark Laws

2.    State False Claims Act

3.    Municipalities False Claims Act

3.    IRS Whistleblower Law

3.    SEC Whistleblower Law

Please note we do not provide services to companies who have a known history of defrauding the government.

Business Entities

We understand not all FCA allegations are valid or justified and we maintain independent in our analysis basing our conclusions on the facts and circumstances of the alleged false claims. We provide defendant clients with an unbiased case evaluation and work zealously to get unfounded claims dismissed. Our goal is to protect taxpayer’s money and we work zealously to identify frivolous claims to allow the government to focus its resources on the true bad actors.


​​​Government Agencies

Government agencies often operate with limited resources, restricting the number and complexity of cases they are able to process.  Whether an agency lacks a skilled fraud examiner, financial and accounting investigation expertise or the proper data analysis technology, Investigative CPA, LLC supplements governmental agency resources to complete the investigative team.  We are mindful of budgetary constraints and are often able to provide our services at a discounted governmental rate.  

Whistleblower / Relator Counsel

Whether you are a seasoned whistleblower attorney or brand new to the practice, we provide collaborative case analysis and skilled fraud investigation to ensure thorough evaluation of alleged false claims, effective case management and solid damage calculation. Drawing on our government experience, our unique perspective allows us to provide guidance complimentary to the legal mind and increase the credibility of the allegations.